Dollingstown & Moira Youth Join Forces As Affiliation Between Both Clubs Is Agreed

Over the last few months both Dollingstown FC and Moira Youth FC have been in talks of joining forces and with many meetings between both committee’s, both teams are now affiliated with each other going forward.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both clubs which will enable a clear pathway in years to come for young local footballers plying there beloved football with Moira Youth to see and pathway to senior football.

For Dollingstown, in time, this will help with keeping young footballers in the local area who can progress into our senior teams who currently play in the MUFL and the NIFL.

The news of this link will be great news for the local area and most importantly the local players, both junior and senior, with the crossover of coaching, experience, opportunities and facilities and will no doubt be a massive plus for both clubs as they look to grow and push forward together.

We would like to thank Clive, Colin, Karl and Kelly and look forward to working with you all.

Well done to both committee’s on this result and further news will come in due course.